Oklahoma Baptist DR team members, whose feeding efforts have helped firefighters in the past, have been called on to help again.

Wildfires in Blaine County have damaged thousands of acres since last week. Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief (DR) team members have been called on to assist in feeding those fighting the wildfires, which are only 30 percent contained.

According to Oklahoma Baptist DR Director Don Williams, “We will be preparing the meals out of the TEaM Center (in Okarche), and transporting them to the Command Center in Southard.”

DR team members will be serving lunch and dinner on July 20 and 21, amounting to approximately 800 meals, according to Williams.

“Disaster Relief is always ready to bring hope, help and healing to impacted communities,” he added. “We hope and pray the food provided will sustain our firefighters and first responders and provide them with the energy needed to extinguish the fires. We pray for their safety as they fight this fire.”