Dear Pastor,

After a tornado hits, there is an immediate media frenzy. Pictures of devastated areas and misplaced families are everywhere. Tornadoes cause damage in concentrated areas, and it is easy to see the powerful destruction they bring.

God’s people, filled with compassion, start sending funds for disaster relief within hours of a tornado. Media prominently shows our Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Disaster Relief units and workers. Other Southern Baptists from across America are on display, and people respond generously with financial help to meet the needs of ministry to victims.

When a historic flood strikes our state, media tells the story, but the pictures are limited and then the reporters move on quickly to other news. Footage of flood waters across roads and fields turned to lakes catches our attention, but not always our hearts. It takes days for the flood waters to recede and the devastation does not leave as clear a debris path; however, the destruction is by far wider and broader than the damage caused by a tornado.

In Oklahoma, the governor has designated 37 counties for federal assistance because of flooding. Thousands of homes and businesses across our state, particularly in southern Oklahoma, have been destroyed or severely damaged by the floods. Our own Falls Creek and CrossTimbers took direct hits, causing damage that will reach beyond a million dollars. The new $4.5 million wastewater plant at Falls Creek sustained a direct hit from flood waters. Our buses, fire trucks, heavy equipment, and maintenance barn were flooded with several feet of water. While insurance remunerations will help, we still face the distinct possibility of several hundred thousands of dollars of uncovered damage.

I want to ask you to help us get the message concerning the devastating flooding to your people. I know they will want to help families who have faced devastating losses and also help our camps recover. Contributions to BGCO Disaster Relief Fund can be given through the church or online at For churches, please use the attached Cooperative Program remittance form to return your donation. The appropriate line has been highlighted in yellow to help you accurately designate your gift. If an individual prefers to mail a donation, send to: BGCO, Attn: Disaster Relief, 3800 North May Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73112.

Thank you for your help. We want to assist people across the flood path. Oklahoma has had 11 states send disaster relief teams to assist with the flood damage. These teams have been working non-stop. At every location, the Gospel is presented and people are coming to Christ.

Thank you for getting the word to your people and for their generosity.

Yours in Christ,

Anthony L. Jordan
Executive Director-Treasurer
Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

You can download the 2015 BGCO Remittance Form by clicking here.