Sam Porter, BGCO Disaster Relief Director

Sam Porter, BGCO Disaster Relief Director


Dear Oklahoma Baptists,

As you know we have experienced record flooding across the state. 38-40 of the 77 counties have homes that have been flooded.

The Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief is willing to help clean out homes that cannot get any other help from Family, Friends, and or local church members. We are stretched VERY thin where  we only have two Mudout/ Flood Relief trailers state wide but working as fast and wide as possible.

-We have asked other Disaster Relief States come to Oklahoma to assist us in this massive cleanup.

-If you have church members that need assistance. Please contact us and please include names, addresses, phone numbers  of your church members in need to and . We will have one of our assessors contact them to get  them assistance.

-We have not had as many requests as we anticipated so let us know your needs. (“ You have not because you ask not.”)

Let us know the needs in your area..then we will know better where to place teams to try to make the biggest impact in clustered flooded areas.

I am sending this to all Pastors and Directors of Mission and ask that they send to all churches in their association.

Your Brother in Christ,

Sam Porter

Director Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief