Sam Porter, BGCO Disaster Relief Director

Sam Porter, BGCO Disaster Relief Director

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Disaster Relief Director Sam Porter has issued a call to Oklahoma Baptist youth pastors, offering them an opportunity for their youth to minister to victims of flooding that hit the Sooner State in recent weeks.

“Because of the massive flooding that has ravaged Oklahoma in the past 30 days, we have an opportunity that does not happen very often in Oklahoma,” Porter said. “I would like to offer youth ministers in Oklahoma an opportunity for their 9th-12th graders and college-age students that will have very little expense to the church or youth.

“We are in urgent need of individuals to help us do flood recovery of homes across Oklahoma. We will be in the Lake Texoma area this week and probably as far as Tishomingo and over to the Idabel/Broken Bow area. We would like for youth ministers who are willing to bring their youth for a few days, (2-5 days) and help ‘gut out’ the homes of individuals who need this help. The majority of these home owners have no insurance, and it is a major loss for every flooded home owner.

“What a blessing it is to individuals to have believers come help them salvage their home at no charge.”

Porter said the volunteers will be housed at a church in Durant, fed from the disaster relief team kitchen, and fully insured through Gallagher Insurance, “which we do for every volunteer in DR. We’ll even give them a free DR T-shirt!”

Volunteers would need to bring their own air mattress, sleeping bag, and or cot. Showers will be provided at the church gym and/ or disaster relief shower trailer.

“We may actually have a few more jobs in the Oklahoma City metro area as well for two more weeks where the youth could stay home and just meet together and travel as a group to the home they are working,” Porter said.

Additional items needed, if they have them, are leather gloves, hard soled shoes, and goggles.

“We will provide latex gloves to wear inside their leather gloves, face masks /N-95 respirators, and tools to work with,” Porter said. “And, we will have some of our DR team leaders show them how it is to be done. We will provide a brief, 15-20-minute safety training session for each group.”

Porter said one adult team leader would be needed per 10-12 youth. Interested youth leaders may email Porter at

“I just know after a great time of hearing from the Lord at camp, some are looking for something to do to put their faith into action. This is a good place to provide that chance for them,” Porter said. “Three weeks ago, we had 21 people saved in a flood relief/mud out and tornado debris cleaning response in the Oklahoma City metro area. It will be our honor to have youth teams come serve with us if they will.”